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Map of Consciousness

While there are no boundaries to Consciousness per se, there are characteristics to any body and/or soul which can be calibrated in order to gain some understanding of their current level of development and an idea of where their strengths are. One of those tools is a Talent Chart and the other tools are the levels of Purpose, Intention and Consciousness which are defined below.

Level of Purpose

The Level of Purpose is the degree (0 to 1000) to which you have aligned your personal life goals with the purpose outlined in your sacred contract for this life.

30 At this level you are actively working against your original sacred contract for this life. The 9/11/2001 hijackers had Levels of Consciousness in the 500 range (the beginning level of Love) which normally would have precluded them from being terrorists, if their level of Purpose had been over 100.

50 At this level you are passively working against your original sacred contract for this life.

100 Like a leaf, blown up and down with the prevailing wind, there is no real purpose to your life even though you may seem spiritual to others around you. David R. Hawkins (prior to the age of 56).

300 You are subconsciously aware of a creative purpose to your life and consciously may have a tendency to lean in that direction, but your personal goals do not always reflect it.

400 You are somewhat consciously aware of a direction or purpose to your life, and at times you are aware enough to put conscious effort into that direction.

500 There is a determination to find what you may define as Love, God or Consciousness. You do not always know where to look and often become a lifelong part-time spiritual seeker.

600 These are the lifelong spiritual seekers who sometimes become spiritual teachers. Their purpose is not always strong enough to keep them from wavering, but their determination keeps bringing them back to the path that their contract has outlined for them.

700 There is a strong determination to have God/Consciousness in your life. Many of these people are spiritual teachers and ministers who have written books. Ramana Maharshi (the later years), David R. Hawkins (after writing “Truth vs Falsehood”)

800 There is an even stronger call to find and experience their higher power. Some of these people are more into experiencing the Divine than teaching. The teaching may come later as an outgrowth of their strong drive to experience. Ramana Maharshi (the early years) / Abhishiktananda / Poonjai-ji / Rumi / Charles Filmore / Moses

900 At this level there is an innate basic awareness of the nature of Consciousness and a strong determination to share this awareness with others. Mahatma Ghandi, 14th Dalai Lama, William Wilberforce, David R. Hawkins (after writing “Power Vs Force”)

970 Your drive to find and experience the Divine is very strong. The sharing of this Divine Love becomes a part of the experience. Buddha

976 Your determination to share this Divine Love that you have experienced is extremely strong. If called, you would most likely be willing to die to make this Love available to others. Jesus Christ

985 Your determination to share this divine love is so strong that you are willing to experience whatever multiple major traumas/diseases necessary to develop characteristics needed for the role of this body/mind.

Incoming Levels of Purpose 900 and above appear to be associated with people who are born with an innate awareness which they will not completely lose during childhood. At an incoming level of Purpose of 800 the inborn awareness is there, but is essentially lost during childhood, leaving a less specific hunger which drives the person to search for that which it feels is missing.

A major upward surge in an individual’s Level of Consciousness is often preceded by a rise in Level of Purpose, making Purpose the most powerful determinant of what direction a person is headed next. It affects both spiritual and secular direction. It is not unusual for what most would consider a secular movement to really be a substitute for a spiritual movement. For example, a person may be an avowed atheist and suddenly decide to do some work in genealogy. They want to find out who they are by tracing the ancestry of their body. In doing so, they have just taken one step towards finding out who they are spiritually.