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Consciousness has no boundaries.
So why do you think that you,
as Consciousness, have boundaries?

To enlighten is to lift up another’s countenance. That is our purpose

There are so many books and so many words already in print. Virtually all of them, prior to the year 2000, calibrate significantly under the level of 1,000 (the level of Jesus Christ on the cross based on the Map of Consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins - see Power Vs Force). Over the centuries there have been only a handful sources over that level of Consciousness, works such as:

  • Jesus Christ’s “I Am” statements from the Gospel of John (NIV Bible) - 3000
  • Madame Blavatsky’s volume II, Anthropogenesis from the late 19th century - 2000
  • James Allen’s, “As a Man Thinketh” - 2000

It has only been since the year 2,000 that significant spiritual material has been offered higher than the level that Jesus lived and taught at (1000 to 1400 according to Matthew, Mark, and Luke, although John’s version of Christ is closer to 1,300 to 2000).

  • Indigo and Crystal Children
  • Consciousness
  • Enlightenment
  • Hawkins
  • Beloved
  • Soul
  • Level of Conciousness
  • Level of Intention
  • Level of Purpose

This web site is an introduction to a different approach to spiritual material, an approach advocated by Dr. Hawkins himself, the use of applied Kinesiology to verify questions and answers. After being interested in energetic medicine, my approach was to instinctively calibrate, not the black or white of truth or falsehood, but the frequency of the questions and their answers. Long before I even understood what had happened, the calibrations moved past the scale laid out in the Map of Consciousness as Dr. Hawkins had presented to us. We are no longer looking at a scale of +1 to +1,000 but a scale that reaches into Infinity in all directions, with no beginning and no ending!

This web site is an introduction to the spiritual material written between the frequencies of +1,000 and +50,000 based on questions we have asked. Jesus told us “and more will you do” but we had to begin to live what he, the Buddha and many of our finest spiritual teachers, have taught us before we were given the tools (see Questions22) to move past what they could give us in the flesh and move into a more Enlightened state.

With regard to the material in this web site, there is only one requirement: to be open to what your soul is telling you as you read the material. Souls are like snowflakes, there are no two alike. Some things will fit you, just as you are in this moment, and some will not. Take what fits.