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Level of Clearing

Clearing is another factor along the developmental path towards enlightenment. It is the degree to which the negative frequencies of you and your Soul have cleared. The clearing level is tied to the Soul and varies depending on the activity the Soul has experienced since the last time it was able to trigger a clearing. The goal of each life experienced is to recognize who you are to the highest degree possible in that life. If you are successful it will trigger an automatic clearing of negative frequencies. It is not about doing something that will help you clear, but about recognizing your deep connection with your Soul and allowing the Soul to help you reach that level which triggers clearing.

A few examples: Clearing Level
Jesus Christ 47.5 %
Meister Eckhart 15.0 %
Average Levels of Clearing
Residents of this world 5 %
Indigo Children 20 %
Crystal Children 24 %

NOTE: Most of the mind chatter that needs to be cleared is negative egoic chatter. The higher the level of chatter, the lower the level of clearing. While not all of our egoic mind chatter is based on negative frequencies, if you are open and have sufficient clearing, those insights which you receive from your higher power are of a significantly higher frequency and value to you.